We are a licensed, full-service elevator contractor serving the New York metro area, including the Bronx and Westchester County.

Our elevator service capabilities allow us to handle a variety of residential and commercial buildings, from two-story apartments to corporate high-rises. Our certified technicians are members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), local #3 (Elevator Division), and we specialize in all areas of elevator repair, maintenance, and modernization.


If you want your elevator systems to have a long operational life, ongoing and preventative maintenance strategies are crucial. With a regular maintenance schedule, you’re taking the precautionary measures you need to combat mechanical and electrical wear and tear.

At Eltech, our team of certified elevator technicians (CETs) are available around the clock to keep your elevator running safely and efficiently.

We offer full and limited service agreements to fit any budget, timeline and building type. Our maintenance programs cover everything from basic assessments and lubrication all the way to compliance and state-mandated safety tests. We customize each plan to your exact elevator type to maximize your system’s performance for the long haul.

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With 24/7 availability and fast response times, there is no elevator repair that we aren’t equipped to handle. Our skilled technicians travel in fully-stocked company vans and always ensure the highest levels of safety and quality on your repair project.

Whether you need to repair or replace critical components or just make simple tweaks from a recent installation, we have solutions for whatever your project demands.

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We specialize in partial or full modernizations of non-proprietary elevator systems.

Our technicians can work independently or with your building’s architects and engineers to assess and execute your modernization project to your satisfaction. Our modernization plans are designed to fit your schedule and budget, and can include anything from fixtures and lighting to full cab updates, controller replacements, mechanical room renovations and everything in between.

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We believe in only servicing what your system needs, not what it doesn’t. That’s why we’re glad to help with FREE assessments on all your elevator service requirements. Request your quote today!

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